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West York Jewellers - Turn Old Into New

Have Your Old Gold Reworked Into New Hand Made Jewellery

Hand made Jewelry by your experienced, expert Goldsmith - for a very reasonable low price! Have a look at our sample jewellery, and our customers' old items given to us to convert from old gold into new hand made jewelry items by Goldsmith Hartmut Reinsch.


Email me or phone 416-781-3998


Prices to rework your gold will be given to you first, even before you send your old scrap gold. This price will depend on the amount of your scrap gold weight and value of your scrap gold, as it was sent to me. Also the new retail value of the new hand made jewelry item will be given to you.

Not only a new retail price, but a written appraisal with picture of your new hand made jewellery item, from a Toronto Jewellery Appraiser, will be offered to you after it's finished (for a small $20 USD extra fee).

The price to make these new hand-made items are about one fifth of what a production item of equal weight they would sell for at a store. Although my jewellery is made by hand, in our beautiful country of CANADA!

Old Gold            Old Gold            Old Gold

Be it of sentimental value, or just gold scraps lying around the house. Instead of selling some of it (where you hardly get anything for it), or trading the old scrap gold in, let me create a hand made jewelry item for you. Not only can I do it for an "unbeatable low price," no one in the Goldsmith trade will - or can - match that price!

Why can I do this for you for such a low price? Because I have hand made these special items for many years, so I can produce them very timely and efficiently with my expertise. That is the main reason for the low labor cost price. Out of your gold I can make one or more hand made "One of a Kind Unique Jewellery Items".

These new items are worth at least six to ten times the value of the scrap gold I start with and even more than they would offer you at a pawnshop or as a "trade-in allowance" from your friendly local jeweler!

Gold Wedding Bands            Gold Wedding Bands            Gold Wedding Bands

Try it for yourself. Have your scrap gold weighed and the karat identified at a couple of different local jewellers before you send it in to me, so you have a rough idea what you have. Also, get a price offer, if your jeweler would buy the old gold from you (just an offer, though, don't sell your gold whatever you do!). Perhaps they will offer you a bit more if you trade the old gold in, because they make up for it in the long run, on the jewelry item they are selling to you!

You should have noticed by that time, that most jewellers are only or mostly interested in selling their own "ready made items" and are willing to give you very little for your old gold. If, for instance, your old gold and their new item weigh about the same, do not sell or trade your gold for the little trade in money they allow you for your old gold! Look at their jewelry item's price and compare it to the money they are willing to give you for your scrap gold that is of equal weight!

Just let me the know the type of hand made jewellery item you desire, before you send me your old gold. After you have picked an item from my sample pictures, I will send you a price for the amount of gold weight you would be sending me to work with. I can also make a sketch of the new item before hand, if you like, for your approval, and e-mail the sketch to you.

Old Gold            Old Gold            Old Gold


So far, only our customers in Toronto have had this opportunity, to have their own gold reworked into a new hand made jewelry item. We have served our customers in the Greater Toronto Area with this service for the last 47 years. Now, over the Internet, we can offer this special traditional Goldsmithing service to the rest of the world, no matter where you live. You can have these beautiful hand made items made from your own gold for a fraction of their retail cost.

You can give them away as gifts to your family or friends, or even sell them to other people to get some real good money out of your old scrap gold. Scrap leftover gold that has been around the house and in your possession for years, laying in your jewellery box, dressers or drawers. Don't give your gold away at a garage sale or local bazaar, neither to a jewelry store or pawnshop, where they pay you very little for it. Send it to me and your old scrap gold will all be converted all into a fine piece of valuable jewelry. My hands as a Goldsmith will do that part.

I will weigh your gold, as it arrives and acid test it for the gold KT and purity and will stamp it after advising you of the KT gold content. Mixed gold scrap lots, for instance, by 10 KT and 14 KT lots, I can only stamp the lower 10 KT, followed by my trademark. I can not use or recycle your white gold, because of the nickel content in the alloy, though.

Please write to me and tell me what weight and karat of gold you have, and the style of item you want me to make for you, from my sample hand made jewelry items that can find on the following links:

  • Marianne and Pete's Bangle
  • Harold and Janet's Family Tree Pendant
  • Paul's Money Clip
  • Lance's Pendant
  • George's Wedding Band

    Sincere Greetings from
    Hartmut Reinsch (Email Me)
    Goldsmith and Owner of West York Jewellers
    in Toronto / CANADA

    Gold Scroll

    Our registered PayPal Account is
    All Payments can be made safely to our PayPal account.

    We could also send you an invoice through PayPal, if you're a member!
    If you're not a member, you can still pay through PayPal!
    Any Question about an item, prices or shipping? Get the Answer fast!
    For Information, either phone our Toll Free 1 877 658 4653
    or e-mail us at

    "Click on this link for our EBAY listings!
    We show the prices of some of our different Jewellery items
    "All We would need, is your e-mail and we could invoice you through PayPal." http://www.ebay.ca/sch/merchant/thorwrench

    "Einige unserer eigenen Schmuckstücke
    sind auf dieser unteren EBAY Seite, mit Preisen angegeben!"


    For three generation, our family has been running our Jewellery & Goldsmithing Business, for last 49 years alone, in Toronto.

    Our Goldsmith shop in Toronto is a fixture of our community and has been at the same location for all these years. Although most of my business is done in person, I have sold many of my jewelry items on a limited basis on Ebay. My feedbacks consist of over 220 EBAY buyers and all feedbacks are 100% positive. Absolutely no negative comments and not one dissatisfied customer.
    Please, check it for yourself, check my eBay Feedback for yourself! Very few jewellers have such a good record of satisfied customers.

    The point is this: When you deal with me, you can do so with confidence, that you are dealing with an established and reputable Goldsmith and Jeweller.

    You should feel free to contact any of the following people I have done work for. These are customers in Canada and in the USA, whom I have made my hand made jewelry for. They will give you their own honest opinion of my work. Their names and email addresses are given below (and the links above showcase some of the items that I have made for them from their own Gold). Thank you for reading this long, but important message!

    These are some of my customers that have agreed to give their reference about me and my work:

    Harold in Ohio - Haroldglen@aol.com
    Paul in Arizona - paulpowers@webtv.net
    Lance in California - magnanamoid@hotmail.com
    Jeff in Toronto - jeffdukelow@gmail.com
    Marianne in Toronto - mmeinel@hotmail.com
    Rene in Toronto - venuto@rogers.com
    Mark in Toronto - mark98@accessv.com
    George in Toronto - hgeorge@sympatico.ca

    I will add more happy customers to my reference list as I get rolling on this, my latest and most unusual project - Have your old gold redone into new hand made jewelry!


    For more information,
    please read my other articles about

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    Hartmut Reinsch
    West York Jewellers
    November 2011